Cut & Sew

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General Pricing
This is a general pricing, as each project is different, pricing may vary or differ from what’s stated below depending on complexity.

Development and Pre-Production Consulting & Organization. $60/per hour
This included ironing out all the details necessary. We will help you source materials needed, create spec sheets, consult on fittings, and more.

First Pattern / Pattern Making $150 -$250 varies on complexity (Pattern Adjustments $45-65)
Once we have an idea of the direction you’re looking to go in, we will help create the pattern for your design.   Our team consists of experts that will lend their experience to get your desired fit and sizing.

Marking / Grading $45 per size $10/ per additional piece
We can make your garment sizes, including plus sizes.
Requires some pattern making and possibly a sample or order to assign all proper markings and ensure the pattern is production ready.

We definitely recommend having samples created to ensure fit and customer satisfaction. Once we have samples approved we can move forward towards production run. $75-300 varies on complexity

Once we have an approved sample we can begin production. Cost is dependant on the sample created. Pricing Varies

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